Help with a photo from Palermo, Italy c. 1893

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Help with a photo from Palermo, Italy c. 1893

Post by jpetrelli » 24 Jan 2011, 22:53

I recently came across an old photograph that I have been told is my GGF. It was evidently taken in Palermo, Italy. The photograph indicates the photographer as "L. Bugliarelli".

I know my GGF was born in February 1890 and immigrated to the US in 1884. That suggests the photo was taken around 1892-1893.

A link to a larger version of the image is here.

1. I do not know the exact area of Palermo my GGF lived. Does anyone know anything about the photographer, Bugliarelli? I am hoping this information might help narrow the possibilities of where my GGF resided in Italy.

2. I have not pursued my research along this angel before. Are there any suggestions for researching this photo further, i.e. potentially contacting the photographer, etc.

3. I was wondering if anyone might enlighten me as to the possible nature of the photo. Is there any reason to explain why my GGF was dressed as he was, with longer hair and in what appears to be a dress?

Thank you greatly for any information or insight.
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Re: Help with a photo from Palermo, Italy c. 1893

Post by pink67 » 25 Jan 2011, 07:51

Hi Jpetrelli :D

The photographer was Stefano Bugliarelli (the first letter is not a L but an S), there are several references on the web on him: ... 03/8_9.pdf ... mo&f=false

I have the same doubts of the dress of this baby, it is a female dress... :?
I believe she was a female baby...


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Re: Help with a photo from Palermo, Italy c. 1893

Post by vj » 25 Jan 2011, 14:13

This may help

Neat blog on Family Tree Magazine site by Maureen Taylor abt old photo's
Photo Detective

from a previous article
Until the 20th century, mothers dressed boys and girls alike in long, loose gowns.
Short skirts made diaper changes and potty training easier for toddlers, and gave them freedom to run around.
By about 5 years of age, boys began to wear short pants while girls stayed in dresses.
Hair for both sexes was long throughout the toddler years...

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