Anyone have information on Dellario?

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Re: Anyone have information on Dellario?

Post by Chris_Dellario » 07 Apr 2013, 19:42

Hello all , Heres some info from my side of this tree . leave it to me to wait until im 28 years old to start mapping out the whole family .

My great grandfather was Cataldo Dellario , He came to america from sicily at the age of 16 to find his brother who was already over here from what i was told . He worked in the coal mines in Pittston PA most of his life and also owned a small cigar shop .

He married Josephine Mendola they lived on market st in pittston pa .

They had The following 7 children :

Antoinette Delario
Louis Delario
Catherine Delario
Anne Dellario
Joeseph Dellario
Rosemary Dellario
Geno Dellario

Also My great Grandfather Cataldo Dellario Took in a neice of his who came from the old country , Her Name Was Josephine also , if theres any confusion of the ages of two josephines in the household . I dont remember if her last name was Dellario or not but I do know she married into the Sauter Family . I believe thats spelled correctly but im not 100 % on that. My grandfather (Geno Dellario) Is the youngest at age 74 ,
(Antoinette and Joseph are deceased )

If anyone has any questions I will try to answer them the best I can with the help of my grandfather and other family older family members .

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