wife and children

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wife and children

Post by bmilazzo » 01 Feb 2011, 11:48

I know this has been answered in pieces in this forum but i would appreciate an answer particular to my circumstances.

Assuming my application has been accepted and final documents to be submitted.

How do I apply for:
My wife - we were married in June of 1983. Does she apply when I submit my final documents or later?

My children: 23, 20, and 16. Do all apply when i submit my documents or later?


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Re: wife and children

Post by johnnyonthespot » 01 Feb 2011, 17:43

Oh my, oh my... I don't know how to tell you this...

If you had married just a few months earlier, prior to April 27, 1983, your wife's citizenship would be automatic, instantaneous, and free - you only would have need to provide a certified/apostilled/translated copy of her birth certificate along with your own application.

Because you dilly-dallied and put off the wedding until June, your wife will have to wait until your citizenship has been approved and then file a jus matrimonio application. A €200 fee, FBI and local police criminal background checks, etc, will be required. See http://www.consnewyork.esteri.it/NR/exe ... =Published

Your children, happily, will be much easier. For most consulates, you can simply register their birth - a process that takes a week or two - and then they can apply for passports. See http://www.consnewyork.esteri.it/Consol ... to_civile/

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