Looking for Montalbano connections

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Looking for Montalbano connections

Post by Melona75 » 08 Mar 2011, 18:39

I've been researching my Montalbano ancestors from Bisacquino and Contessa Entellina.

Vincenzo Montalbano b.abt1735/died Oct 19,1785, married
Natala Salvaggio (no details)
Their son Francesco Montalbano b.abt1779 Bisacquino & died Jan 16,1865 Contessa Entellina. He married Caterina Castrogiovanni b.abt 1804 & died Nov 11,1841.
They had 8 children:

Natala Isabella b.Mar 4,1820

Vincenzo b.Feb 1,1822/d.Mar 17,1822

Francesca b.May 13,1823/d. Dec 26,1823

Pasqua b.Oct 10,1824/d. ?

Vincenzo b.Oct 5,1827/d. Oct 13,1827

Francesca b. Oct 24, 1828/d.Dec 19,1907

Vincenzo(my great-great-great-great-grandfather)b. July 31,1831/d. before 1876 he married Anna LoIacono Nov 5,1848 in Contessa. *Their kids are listed below.

Antonino b. Jul 23,1838/d. UKN

*Francesco b. Aug 13,1849/d. Aug 22,1849 Contessa
*Francesco(Frank) b.Jul 18,1850 Contessa/d. aug 1,1924 New Orleans
*Caterina(my great-great-great-grandmother) b.Feb 2,1852 Contessa/d.abt 1939 Chicago
*Francesca b.Jan 25,1854 Contessa/d.UKN
*Giovanna(Anna) b.May 19,1856 Contessa/d.UKN
*Pasqua b.Aug 8,1858 Contessa/d.UKN
*Isabella b.Oct 28,1860 Contessa/d.UKN
*Gioachino b.Nov 20,1864/d.Nov 21,1864 Contessa
*Gioachino b.Dec 29,1865 Contessa/d.UKN

I have some more details not included. If anyone sees a possible connection or has any questions please post a reply or email me at Melona75@yahoo.com

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