Need help with Marriage record - Geraci/Pulvino

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Need help with Marriage record - Geraci/Pulvino

Post by annekellergeraci » 16 Mar 2011, 02:12

I need help with what to do next. I have been looking at LDS microfilms for the last month to research Antonio Geraci and Francesca Pulvino, who immigrated with their 4 kids to Rochester, NY. I have the Ellis Island record, I have 4 census records in Rochester, and this week I found the marriage record for them in February, 1874. The problem is, the marriage record is too muddy to read and I can't make out either the age of the father (Antonio) or the mother's names.

I think that the father's age is 29 (ventinovo) on the marriage record, but since there are at least 2 or 3 children each year born in this town with the name "Antonio Geraci", I need to narrow down the year he was born. Here are my other clues:

- He died in Rochester in 1928, which would make him 83, assuming he actually was 29 in 1874 (I guess that's reasonable, but a little old)
- When his first child was born in Dec, 1874, he is listed as 30 (consistent)
- When his second child is born in Feb 1878, he is listed as 27 (1851)
- Third child in 1880: listed as 30 (1850)
- Fourth child in 1882: listed as 34 (1848)
- Immigration to Ellis Island in 1891 listed as 37 (1854)
- 1900 Census listed as 44 (1856)
- 1905 census listed as 60 (1845)
- 1910 census listed as 60 (1850)
- 1920 census listed as 75 (1845)

So, here's my question. What do I do next?

A. I've looked through all the Allegati records that have the "all-in-one" records of marriages with the birth certificates for the bride and groom. Those records are spotty. I found only one or two for the year 1874, although I know there were about 100 marriages that year.

B. I think his parents names are Guiseppe Geraci and Lucia La Placa (if I'm reading that right). I could look through the birth records from 1845 to 1855 to see what I can find. That's a big time period to wade through.

C. I could send over to Valledolmo to ask them to send me the marriage record, but if they just send me this muddy copy, I won't be much farther along that I am right now.

D. Should I send over to Valledolmo to the church (there's only one) and ask for any information they have on the marriage?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Re: Need help with Marriage record - Geraci/Pulvino

Post by pink67 » 16 Mar 2011, 07:27

In my opinion the handwritten that you pointed is:

Geraci Antonio contadino di anni ventidue celibe residente in Valle d'Olmo figlio del fu Giuseppe e della vivente La Placa Laura/Lucia? residente in Valle d'Olmo

e Pulvino Francesca di anni 23 nubile residente in Valle d'Olmo figlia del vivente Giovanni contadino e di Lo Jacono???? Anna Maria residente in Valle D'Olmo

Geraci Antonio farmer age 22 single resident in Valle D'Olmo son of the lte Giuseppe and of the living La Placa Laura/Lucia?? resident in Valle D'Olmo

and Pulvino Francesca age 23 single resident in Valle d'Olmo daughter of the living Giovanni farmer and of Lo Jacono??? Anna Maria resident in Valle D'Olmo.


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