Family from Torricella Peligna

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Family from Torricella Peligna

Post by kristin1788 » 19 Mar 2011, 02:44

Hello, I am looking for my great great grandmothers family that is originally from Torricella Peligna Italy. I have found the year my great great grandparents were married and when two of there children were born in Italy, but I have not been able to find when my great great grandmother Irena D'Ambrosio was born or who here parents were. Plus I am looking if anyone know where the surname Bassano, Irena husband originates from.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Family from Torricella Peligna

Post by adelfio » 20 Mar 2011, 02:45

Looks like the Campania region people in each town
Bassano 52.19 Napoli Napoli
Bassano 39.65 Nocera Inferiore Salerno
Bassano 39.24 Nocera Superiore Salerno
Bassano 21.98 Roccapiemonte Salerno
Bassano 20.02 Salerno Salerno
Bassano 16.05 Cava de' Tirreni Salerno
Bassano 14.60 Caserta Caserta
Bassano 11.96 Pontecagnano Faiano Salerno
Bassano 6.30 Battipaglia Salerno
Bassano 6.18 Mercato San Severino Salerno
Bassano 5.82 Torre Annunziata Napoli
Bassano 3.59 Casoria Napoli
Bassano 3.56 Arzano Napoli
Bassano 3.55 Melito di Napoli Napoli
Bassano 3.49 Villaricca Napoli
Bassano 3.41 Acerra Napoli
Bassano 3.35 Angri Salerno
Bassano 3.28 Castel San Giorgio Salerno
Bassano 3.16 San Nicola la Strada Caserta
Bassano 3.15 Montecorvino Pugliano Salerno
Bassano 3.09 Montecorvino Rovella Salerno
Bassano 3.03 Pellezzano Salerno
Bassano 3.02 Sarno Salerno
Bassano 3.01 Vietri sul Mare Salerno

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