Iodice and Festinese in Massa Lubrense and Casoria

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Iodice and Festinese in Massa Lubrense and Casoria

Post by atbond » 27 Mar 2011, 15:15

Hello everyone,

I am looking for information about the parents of my great grandparents, Gaetano Iodice who was born (1834) in Casoria and Angela Festinese, born (1844) in Massa Lubrense.

I would love any help to find these records. I believe they were married in Massa Lubrense (where my grandparents are also from).

If anyone can help with searches in Massa Lubrense that would be very helpful.

Surname interests: Casoria (Iodice), Massa Lubrense (Festinese, DeTurris, Maresca, Cafiero), Napoli (Iamartino, Manna).

Thank you,


I'm in Massachusetts and if anyone needs help with New England research I'm happy to help. Also, I'm a geneticist, so if you have any questions about DNA testing, I will be happy to answer them.

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Re: Iodice and Festinese in Massa Lubrense and Casoria

Post by jmdeangelo » 12 Nov 2013, 04:55

I don't know about the other town, but all the birth, marriage, and death records for Casoria going back to the early 1800's is on which is run my the Mormons. It's only images of pages from the old books, but you can page thru a book and find what you need. Most pages use printed forms so you just need to have to look at one part of a page to know if its the one you want. I estimate there were about 300 births a year in that town.

Try this link. It's free.

There are other towns available as well but many towns did not keep such extensive records and fewer still have been scanned by the Mormons.

I did see a lot of names like Gaetano Iodice when I was in there. One of the problems you might have is that there might be several people with that name living contemporaneously, so you'll want to have some other piece of information so that you can decide who is the right one. If you read through the marriage records you'll find more than a few instances where the bride and groom already have the same last name.

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