Last name origin

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Last name origin

Post by Nikki4189 » 18 Apr 2011, 10:50

My family's last name is Bottino. While doing research, tells me that it comes from Botto which comes from Botta which comes from Botte. I know my family has had this last name for many generations. I know last names were given based on certain aspects of that person's life, region, or looks. "ino" at the end of a word usually means little. So what is being referred to as little? Thanks!

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Re: Last name origin

Post by jamiecapaldi » 18 Apr 2011, 11:27

Have a look at this link, regarding meanings, etc. ... 0002os.htm

Here is a list of where the Surname is found:

Bottino San Severo Foggia (FG) Puglia 71016
Bottino Acireale Catania (CT) Sicilia 95024
Bottino Santa Caterina Albanese Cosenza (CS) Calabria 87010
Bottino Patti Messina (ME) Sicilia 98066
Bottino Terni Terni (TR) Umbria 05100
Bottino Casorzo Asti (AT) Piemonte 14032
Bottino Forno Canavese Torino (TO) Piemonte 10084
Bottino Maiori Salerno (SA) Campania 84010
Bottino Sestri Ponente Genova (GE) Liguria 16154
Bottino Montiglio Asti (AT) Piemonte 14026
Bottino Chialamberto Torino (TO) Piemonte 10070
Bottino Spinete Campobasso (CB) Molise 86020
Bottino Campochiaro Campobasso (CB) Molise 86020
Bottino Castelletto Merli Alessandria (AL) Piemonte 15020
Bottino Rota Greca Cosenza (CS) Calabria 87010
Bottino Scala Coeli Cosenza (CS) Calabria 87060
Bottino Bagheria Palermo (PA) Sicilia 90011
Bottino Biancavilla Catania (CT) Sicilia 95033
Bottino Pegli Genova (GE) Liguria 16155
Bottino Belmonte Mezzagno Palermo (PA) Sicilia 90031
Bottino Crescentino Vercelli (VC) Piemonte 13044
Bottino Manerbio Brescia (BS) Lombardia 25025
Bottino Pomigliano D'Arco Napoli (NA) Campania 80038
Bottino Montagnareale Messina (ME) Sicilia 98060
Bottino Trani Bari (BA) Puglia 70059
Bottino Lattarico Cosenza (CS) Calabria 87010
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Re: Last name origin

Post by Italysearcher » 18 Apr 2011, 16:16

A 'botte' is a barrel or cask. So a little barrel would be a guess. If it comes from a dialect word could be anything.
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Re: Last name origin

Post by ajcris13 » 19 Jun 2011, 21:39

Hi Nikki

I believe that these websites that describe the meaning and/or origins of Italian names are interesting and fun but not very useful. The reason is that many Italian last names have changed so dramatically over the centuries or as quickly as a few generations that these websites don't apply. Some of the reasons for these changes are dialectic or done to creating a distinction between different clans in the same area.

Examples that I have personally seen:

La Terra-Bellina to Bellina-Terra finally Bellina
Crixunj to Crisciuni finally Criscione
Sorrentini to De Soriente to D'Oriente finally Oriente
Filangeri to Filincieri to Filincieli to Firincieli and finally to Firrincieli.

My point is that you will have to go through the records of the town (via the family research center) compare records to see if changes did occure and when. In addition you may have to do some historical research on the region and different family names in that region. I beleve that this is the only way to get a better understanding of your family's origins.

Best of luck

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Re: Last name origin

Post by Andy » 22 Jun 2011, 01:03

Hi Nikki,
In the book "Our Italian Surnames" by Joseph G. Fucilla
there are explanations of several possible meanings and origions
of the name depending on the region of Italy it is found.


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