Family Certificates

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Family Certificates

Post by adelfio » 22 Apr 2011, 18:05

There is alot of talk of Stato di Famiglia records which even I thought would be a easy research tool but after talking to a few users on here it seems its a pain for the comunes and takes alot of there time.
This is a email from Italysearcher(Ann Tatangelo) I recieved for info about Stato di Famiglia records.
Hi Marty,
A Stato di Famiglia is something they have to prepare, it is not there for them to photocopy like a census would be. Actually the Italian census are not like that either.
A State of the Family certificate is used for something, like to show how many kids you have so you can apply for assistance etc.
When I request them it is to discover the names of any children and I specify the year I want the certificate for.
These records are great but they a a BIG pain for the town to produce. So whats the best way of getting info? I say be precise with what your asking for and always ask for a responce and if they dont have the records where can you get them from? And if get no responce send another letter to the mayor and kindly tell him about the law 241 of 1990 regarding access to public documents and that you have written previous letters requesting records.Any other suggestions?

Marty Adelfio
Researching Trabia, Palermo surnames Adelfio, Bondi, Butera, Scardino,Rinella, Scardamaglia


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