I need help with my Great and Great-Great Grandfather!

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I need help with my Great and Great-Great Grandfather!

Post by chikimc11 » 01 May 2011, 04:50

My name is Fabianne Conte.
I'm doing a family tree as a gift for my family, but I can't find anywhere information about my great and great-great grandparets.
My grandfather's name was Armando Conte Cocozza, he was born on April 6, 1910 in Napoli, Italy.
His parents names (my great-grandfathers) were Alfredo Conte and Anna Cocozza. Alfredo's parents (two of my great-great grandparents) were Antonio and Elena.
That's all I know about them, but it would be great if I could learn their last names, birth and death dates, and of course in what cities of italy did they born, live, and die.
Can somebody help me?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: I need help with my Great and Great-Great Grandfather!

Post by johnnyonthespot » 01 May 2011, 12:33

It would help if we knew more.

I presume Armando emigrated from Italy? To the US, or some other country? Do you have any idea what year that may have been?

Are you certain Armando's birthplace was the city of Napoli, or simply "in the area of" Napoli? If he was born in the city of Napoli, you can write and request his birth records:

Comune di Napoli
Servizio Centrale Civile
Ufficio Corrispondenza Valori
II traversa privata, Parco Quadrifoglio
80126 Napoli (NA)

You can find sample letters here:

http://www.italiangenealogy.com/forum/t ... ml#p108741

http://www.circolocalabrese.org/resourc ... /index.asp

http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/pearlsofwi ... tters.html

Birth/marriage/death photocopies of original registry pages are called: Copia integrale dell'atto di Nascita/Matrimonio/Morte

Birth/marriage/death computer-generated extracts are: Estratto Per Riassunto Per Atto Di Nascita/Matrimonio/Morte

Extracts are easy to read and generally contain the parent's names. Copia integrale are usually handwritten and much more difficult to read, however they will include the parent's ages at the time of birth as well as their own place of birth, the street and house number where the birth occured, and other genealogical information.

Once you have obtained Armando's birth record and have determined his parent's place and year of birth, you can write again to request their birth, marriage, and death records. With persistence, you can repeat this process until you reach a dead end and/or the earliest available civil records (~early 1800's).

PS: Is that your family tree on Ancestry . com (Conte Family Tree, member: chikimc11)? Did Armando emigrate to Venezuela?

Please note that unlike in many Spanish cultures, a child does not carry both of his parent's surnames. Armando's full name in Italy (and in the US, for example) would have been "Armando Conte", not Armando Conte Cocozza. This is important when you write to Napoli for records - you should ask for:

"CONTE ARMANDO nato nel Comune di Napoli, data 6 aprile 1910, paternità ALFREDO, maternità COCOZZA ANNA"

My hobby is finding things. Having found most of my own, I am happy to help others find theirs. PM me! :)

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