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Re: Scandiffio

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I think I may have mentioned that our cousin, Ronnie Urich, lives in LaJolla too. He is Aunt Aida's (my father, Jerry, is her brother. She was the youngest of five siblings.
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Re: Scandiffio

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Yes, I will ask my sister if she can find out if he is still living there.
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Re: Scandiffio

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DianaNevin wrote: 15 Apr 2015, 22:52 Hi Sandra,
We're cousins!! My grandfather was Franceco (Frank) and my grandmother was Terese. My grandfather was also a tailor. My grandparents lived in Brooklyn NY where my father was born in 1900. My grandparents had 5 children, Nick, Jerry (my father), Joe, Mario, and Aida, all who have passed away. I knew my grandfather had a brother, Michael, who moved to Toronto from Pomarico. I lived in TO for a year and happened to pass by a law firm, Scandiffio and Scandiffio. I went in and met one of the lawyers and we didn't come up with a connection, but I'm sure we just didn't try hard enough. I'm not an member, but maybe I'll join so that I can view your tree. I am so excited that you wrote! A big thrill. Let's keep in touch, and I will check out the private tree if I'm allowed without joining. If I can't, I'll join. If you want, I can include more information about my father's family. I found a very interesting article about my Uncle Mario the other day. Wish I had known this stuff when I was younger, but didn't care then, but sure do now. Thank you so much for responding. I don't think I have any cousins left in the US, certainly none I'm in touch with. My cousin, Carol, the only one I kept in touch with, passed away a few years ago. Look forward to hearing more from you!
Cousin Diana!

Hi Diana ... I just came across this post from years back ... and you’re messaging with my beautiful cousin, Sandra mentioned here ... lol ...

The law firm you mentioned “Scandiffio & Gariepy” was run by my great uncle, Nick Scandiffio and my uncle, Michael Gariepy ( his mom was Scandiffio)
... my uncle Mike still runs it ... so IT IS a family connection for you !!
I was hoping to travel to Italy this year, but with the pandemic 😷... haven’t been able to.

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