Ilisco; S.Andrea del Pizzone/Francolise; migration to Italy

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Ilisco; S.Andrea del Pizzone/Francolise; migration to Italy

Post by francolise » 22 Jun 2011, 03:13

Ciao a tuttequante.

My name is Ivan and I have just begun researching my mother's family in Italy.

I've made some progress using LDS resources, but have a few questions about areas in which I am stuck.

My grandfather was born in Sant'Andrea del Pizzone (Francolise), Caserta, Italy in the 1920s to Biagio Ilisco and Giovina di Benedetto. I've ordered the microfilms for births, deaths, marriages, etc. occuring in Francolise and have had some luck using them to cull information.

However, I am wondering if there was a census taken during the 19th century in Southern Italy, specifically in Campania. Does anyone know about the status of censuses in the area?

Also, I have found no records of my family in Francolise before the 1860s. According to my family, our origins lie somewhere East of Italy, and my grandfather's grandfather was born in Sant'Andrea to a migrant. Because I've found no notes on any birth/marriage/death record, I am not sure how to proceed--did the Kingdom of Two Sicilies keep migration information, such as naturalizations, etc.? I know that the Ilisco/Elisco name appears throughout Southern Italy, in random spots, and that it is very similar to a number of Eastern European/Near Eastern surnames. I see that it appears as a given name as well.

If any of you more experienced researchers can advise me as to options for further research, I would be greatly appreciative.

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Re: Ilisco; S.Andrea del Pizzone/Francolise; migration to It

Post by adelfio » 22 Jun 2011, 17:07

Heres a little info about the Italian census
To write for info address of Archivio di Stato Caserta

Archivio di Stato
Provinica di Caserta
Via Nazionale Appia 1
81100 Caserta (CE)
email address and website ... me=CASERTA

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