attempting to find living relatives?

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attempting to find living relatives?

Post by ck2007 » 27 Jun 2011, 07:56

I know this is a LONG shot, but I am wanting to find any living relatives of mine in Italy. I live in USA but my ancestors are from Italy. Here is the information I have:

My great grandmother was Italia Montoli, she was born here in USA. Her father, my great great grandfather, was John Joseph Montoli (or Montole as the 1910 census has) but his registration of birth states his name as being Giovanni Nicolo Francesco Montoli. He was born July 24,1870 in Novara,Italy. He came to the USA but I am not sure when.
His parents, my great great great grandparents, were Guadenzio Montoli, born in 1837 in Italy. And Ernesta Lagnani born 1850 in Italy. Guadenzio was a stonemason and they lived in the only house identified by the number 192.

My other great great great grandfather was Nicholas Pitrie born 1846 in Italy. He came to the USA around 1868. His daughter, my great great grandmother who was married to John Montoli, was Josephine Louise Pitrie born 1873 in USA.

I know this will be very challenging but if anyone has any info or knows anyone with these last names please help I would love to find any relatives. Thank you.

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Re: attempting to find living relatives?

Post by johnnyonthespot » 27 Jun 2011, 15:57

There is one telephone listing for Montoli in Novara in the current Italian telephone directory. There may be many others actually residing there, but like much of the world, many Italians now forego landlines in favor of cellular only and these do not appear in the directory.

See ... ovara&l=en

There are no listings for Pitrie anywhere in Italy, leading me to believe that this is a corrupted spelling. Any thoughts on what the correct spelling might be? Possibly Petri?

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