Unsure of family heritage

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Unsure of family heritage

Post by ibeirish » 11 Jul 2011, 02:49

Hey guys, I could use some help in finding some info on my relatives:

* Robert Paul Seeton was born 14 Jul 1938 in Canton, Ohio.
* He died in a car accident on 7 Jan 1978 in Canton, Ohio.
* His parents were John Seeton (not sure when he was born or when he died) and Beatrice Ridgeway (born 27 Mar 1920, died 13 Aug 1998; she was remarried to a Mr. Schisler).
* Robert Seeton was married to Dolores LaKosh (born 9 Nov 1942) and together they had 6 children (Adrian, David, Greg, Michael, DeAnn, and Valerie).
* Robert had 5 siblings:
- Ted
- Gordon "Gordin"
- Bonnie
- Barbara

I never was able to learn about Robert because he died so suddenly and no one really knows what his side of the family was like. I would love to find out more about Robert's parents and his family, and what their heritage is. I have heard a story about Robert's family having Native American roots. I'm not sure if this is true but I would love to find out.

Thanks so much!,

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