Family History 1600's in Sicily

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Family History 1600's in Sicily

Post by piazza16428 » 05 Aug 2011, 17:08

Good Day All

I have successfully traced my family tree back to the early 1700's and now I am faced with trying to cross another bridge and go back even further if possible.

I am trying to find out if anyone out there has successfully traced their family history beyond the 1700's and if so anyone would like to share information on the paths they took, books that may have helped in your research or problems that they encountered along the way.

Like I said I have successfully traced my ancestry back to the 1700's and have built a family tree that now includes over 3000 names, including the surnames Piazza, Oblibene, Ceresa, Marranco, Oliveri, Ruffino, Ministeri just to name a few. The family tree I
have created can be found at the following location

Thanks for any help and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sam Piazza

Good Day Tutti

Ho sono riusciti a rintracciare il mio albero genealogico indietro primi anni del 1700 e ora mi trovo di fronte nel tentativo di attraversare un altro ponte e andare ancora più indietro, se possibile.

Sto cercando di scoprire se qualcuno là fuori ha saputo risalire la loro storia di famiglia al di là del 1700 e in tal caso qualcuno volesse condividere le informazioni sui sentieri hanno preso, i libri che possono aver aiutato nella tua ricerca o problemi che si incontrano lungo il cammino .

Come ho detto ho sono riusciti a rintracciare la mia ascendenza indietro al 1700 e hanno costruito un albero genealogico che ora include più di 3000 nomi, tra cui la Piazza cognomi, Oblibene, Ceresa, Marranco, Oliveri, Ruffino, Ministeri, solo per citarne alcuni. L'albero genealogico che ho creato si possono trovare al seguente indirizzo [url] [/ url]

Grazie per qualsiasi aiuto e non vedo l'ora di sentire da voi.

Sam Piazza

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Re: Family History 1600's in Sicily

Post by Joannsalvo » 06 Aug 2011, 14:02

I have part of my family tree back to the 1600's.

I have been lucky though, I found a family tree on from a woman who hired someone in Sicily to do the research. I am so grateful that she posted it.

Also, luckily, digitized the church records for my Sicilian town. may have filmed the church records for the town you are researching but sometimes the records are hard to read because of the handwriting and the age, the records will be in Latin.

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