Holy Cross Cemetary in Brooklyn NY Fee Question

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Holy Cross Cemetary in Brooklyn NY Fee Question

Post by djm1228 » 31 Oct 2011, 03:52

Hi - I was going to go there and do some research on some names. Am I to assume that I would have to pay the fees below to find out where they are buried?

Genealogical Research or Interment Listing Request:


P.O. BOX 59

PHONE (718) 894-4888
FAX (718) 326-4105


Please note that due to the nature of genealogical/interment information, such requests must be submitted in writing to the respective cemetery as follows:

St. John Cemetery (Main Office)
80-01 Metropolitan Avenue
Middle Village, NY 11379
(718) 894-4888
Holy Cross Cemetery
3620 Tilden Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
(718) 284-4520

Mt. St. Mary Cemetery
172-00 Booth Memorial Avenue
Flushing, NY 11365
(718) 353-1560
St. Charles/Resurrection Cemeteries
2015 Wellwood Avenue
Farmingdale, NY 11735
(631) 249-8700

Please note that the following requests are subject to an administrative fee to cover the ost of research, copying and mailing.

A request of six (6) gravesite locations ($75.00); ($15.00) for each additional location.
List of interments-Provides names of all deceased in gravesite, age of deceased, and date of interment. Fee for up to two (2) gravesites ($90.00); ($35.00) for each additional site.
Genealogical Research-Provides name of deceased, age of deceased, date of death, date of interment, board of health permit number, and funeral home name and address. (Dependent upon information availability) Fee for up to (3) decendents ($120.00), plus ($25.00) for each additional decendent within the same gravesite.
Extensive Legal/Corporate/Genealogy Consultant requests ($300.00) per gravesite for up to three (3) decedents, plus ($75.00) for each additional decedent in same gravesite.
In addition to your request and mailing address, please include your check to cover any necessary processing fees, made payable to Catholic Cemeteries. Upon receipt of your check, please allow 4-6 weeks to complete your request.

The Cemetery does not represent or warrant genealogical information as accurate or correct though we believed this information to be accurate and correct when we received it. All information provided is a reflection of the records on file at the Cemetery office, which has been provided to it by third-party sources, i.e., family relatives, friends, funeral directors, etc.


The cost to forward extensive information on decedents is dependent upon the number of sites to be researched as well as the number of decedents reported on.

Manfredonia (Atripalda, Italy)
Valerio (Atripalda, Italy)
Fino (Foggia ?, Italy)
Nardiello (Ruoti, Italy)
Chiuchiolo(Mirabella, Italy)
Camerlingo (Mirabella, Italy)
Murano, (Buccino, Italy/ Ruoti Italy)
Carlucci/Lombardi/Angiolillo/Salinardi (Ruoti Italy)

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Re: Holy Cross Cemetary in Brooklyn NY Fee Question

Post by eyetalgal » 02 Nov 2011, 18:24

I went to Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn to visit the grave of my grandparents and mother. All I did was go to the cemetery office and give them the names of my relatives and they looked up the info, which they keep on index cards, and let me copy the info. It listed the names, ages, date of burial, and all who are buried in the grave. The last part was important to me because not all the names were on the headstone. My grandmother had lost 2 babies, and a friend of hers also lost a child that was buried in the same grave. The stone lists the three adults but none of the children.

There was no charge. They never mentioned any fees to me.

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Re: Holy Cross Cemetary in Brooklyn NY Fee Question

Post by lilbees » 03 Nov 2011, 12:48

Just a note, I encountered this same situation but it was via phone. If I made a request to have them look something up then there was a charge. If I go to the actual cemetery, as with Ann, there would be no charge.

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