Update & Help Needed - Griffo Dual Citizenship

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Update & Help Needed - Griffo Dual Citizenship

Post by anima87ag » 06 Nov 2011, 19:52

Progress & Guidance - Italian/US Dual Citizenship- Griffo

Hello to the forum members that have been so graciously informative!

A year later and I am still on my UK visa, but ready to go forward with my dual citizenship for Italy.

I shortly will be sending the letter to the Comune in Stefanaconi. Can anyone advise if I send postage or ask them to charge me thereafter?

Also, I ran into a hurdle trying to obtain records in my own family due to personal reasons and now I am being charged $100 for a death record and my own father's birth certificate from New York State because I can't obtain it through my family.

If anyone can advise on a more affordable agency to obtain such personal documents, that would be greatly appreciated.

Good news, is I found the naturalization record in Westchester (FINALLY!) and that I do qualify since my dad was born before my grandfather naturalized in the US. Phew!

Anyhow, I would appreciate all comments or advisement in the matter. Mille grazie a tutti. You've been wonderful!


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