Luigi and Zelinda Battista

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Luigi and Zelinda Battista

Post by Amansolillo » 22 Dec 2011, 21:05

Hello. I am seeking information on Luigi and Zelinda Battista. They lived in Rhode Island, having immigrated in the 1910's. They had a child, Rafael/Rafaela Battista who died when he/she was 5 days old and was buried at the gravesite of my great-great-grandparents, Angela Cocuzzoli and Francesco Sormanti. Only Angela, her son Giuseppe, and Giuseppe's wife Theresa's names are on the gravestone. However, Francesco, his son Alfred, and Francesco's daughter-in-law Agnes are buried there. Other than that Rafael/Rafaela is buried at that gravesite, I don't know anything else about the Battistas. I would greatly appreciate any insight into finding out if the Battistas had any relationship with the Cocuzzolis and/or the Sormantis. Thanks
Last names of interest: Mansolillo, Morena, Grasso, Montecalvo, Fusco, Sinapi, DelBonis, Grossi, Sormanti, Cocuzzoli, Simonelli, Bevilacqua, Uccello, Cultrera, Pesaturo, Fragola

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Re: Luigi and Zelinda Battista

Post by Michael31 » 24 Dec 2011, 06:13

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Below are the records that match the name you entered. If you don't find the passenger you seek on this group of records don't give up! Also, many passengers' names were misspelled. You can also try clicking on the "close matches" or "alternate spellings" boxes at the top of the page to ask the system to search for spellings that have similar sound values. (e.g. Lansky, Lanski, Landski would all sound the same.)

Exact Matches (10)
Name of Passenger Residence Arrived Age on Arrival Passenger Record Ship Manifest Ship Image
1. Antonio Cocuzzoli Ceprano, Italy 1911 18 View View View
2. Antonio Cocuzzoli Ceprano, Italy 1911 18 View View View
3. Antonio Cocuzzoli Ceprano, Roma 1909 21 View View View
4. Ardnino Cocuzzoli Cepezno, Roma, It. 1909 19 View View View
5. Domenico Cocuzzoli Ceprano 1906 18 View View View
6. Domenico Cocuzzoli Ceprano, Italy 1913 18 View View View
7. Guisseppe Cocuzzoli Ceprano 1903 18 View View View
8. Luigi Cocuzzoli Arce, Italy 1907 21 View View View
9. Luigi Cocuzzoli Ceprano 1914 16 View View View
10. Tommaso Cocuzzoli Ceprano, Roma 1909 37 View View View

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