Palombo family Castel forte, Latina

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Palombo family Castel forte, Latina

Post by freddiepalombo » 15 Feb 2012, 18:53

I am looking into my Grandfathers family history, Brothers, Sisters, Mother, Father.

They lived in Castel Forte, Latina, My Grandfather came to live in the UK, Scotland, looking to trace what may have happened to the rest of the family.
Born around late 1800s.

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Re: Palombo family Castel forte, Latina

Post by Paolo47 » 17 Feb 2012, 12:19

Hello, :D
If you have, there are at least 4 public family trees with
information about Palombo, Castelforte and the UK.

Researching Ruggiero, Caputo, Viola, Priore and many more at Our Family Genealogy.

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