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Post by LilyMagic » 15 Feb 2012, 20:19

How interesting it is to find out the deep dark secrets that they family has hidden away all these years. Seems my Grandpa was not the nicest of people, so i tried to put the pieces together through research. This is what I have found out and have filled in the blanks.
Grandpa Antonio Rizzetta born is 1870 in Sersale to Francesco and filomena (Bondati/Esposito) married Catrina Mazza. Left his pregnant wife to come to the USA (July 1893) only a few months before his son Carmine Francisco was born in October 1893. I am assuming this was an arranged marraige and obviously Grandpa wanted no part of it.
Grandpa then goes to Beacon/Peekskill, NY to a rooming house owned by Nicolo Chiarella. Nicolo's wife Concetta and her sister Teresa Calabrese are the chamber maids. Grandpa falls in love with Teresa and threatens to burn down the establishment if he isnt "given" Teresa. Needless to say Teresa and Antonio have 9 children together but the first one being born in 1896 and the youngest (My Dad) born in 1916, but Grandpa doesnt even marry Grandma until June 1928!
Meanwhile Grandpa's Mom Filomena is a women of many names. She was born an orphan, using the last name as Esposito. When she marries grandpa her name is listed as Bondati, no idea where that came from. When she comes to the USA after husband dies in 1905 she moves in with her daughter Eugenia (listed as Regina on the census) but now her last name is Abbonati! Confusing.
Well Im still working on this entire thing and it twings and twines all over the place. If anyone out there has info to share please feel free to send my way

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Re: Pentone/Sersale

Post by PippoM » 16 Feb 2012, 08:04

Hi Lilymagic,
what is most likely is that your GGMother was adopted and took the name of her new family. This could have happened even when she was grown-up. Abbonati could just be a missspelling error. Anyway, according to Italian White Pages, nowadays there are nor Bondati, nor Abbonati.
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