Sansone/Balare/Lanzarrotti birth certicates

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Sansone/Balare/Lanzarrotti birth certicates

Post by ballareSansone » 04 Apr 2012, 17:27

Trying to locate the birth certificates of any or all of my grandparents from Italy.

Joseph Sansone born 1901
Louis Balare born 1879 (Luigi?)
Magdalena Lanzarrotti born 1886, possibly from Novara (Madeline Lanzarrotti)

Any help would be appreciated :-)

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Re: Sansone/Balare/Lanzarrotti birth certicates

Post by PippoM » 05 Apr 2012, 13:09

I found this Manifest in Ellis island DB.
Is this your GM
First Name: Maddalena
Last Name: Lanzarotti
Ethnicity: Italy, Italian North
Last Place of Residence: Novara
Date of Arrival: Nov 26, 1906
Age at Arrival: 21y Gender: F Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Florida
Port of Departure: Genoa
Manifest Line Number: 0022

If it's her, her husband is said to be Luigi Ballari.
Here's the manifest: ... &line=0022
Giuseppe "Pippo" Moccaldi

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Re: Sansone/Balare/Lanzarrotti birth certicates

Post by adelfio » 05 Apr 2012, 15:25

Novara is both a town and a province I would try the Family History Library films of civil records of Novara (Novara), 1866-1923 Births, marriages, banns, deaths, supplements (marriages, deaths) from Novara, Novara, Italy. Text in Italian first. The Nati(BIRTHRECORD)is the easiest way to start then go from there to verify the parents and mothers maiden name

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Films of Novara (Novara), 1866-1923 ... i+Novara+2++

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Re: Sansone/Balare/Lanzarrotti birth certicates

Post by Tessa78 » 05 Apr 2012, 15:33

FYI - :D
The current mayor of Novara is Dott. Andrea Ballare


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