Looking for my birth father

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Mario van Deursen
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Looking for my birth father

Post by Mario van Deursen » 30 May 2012, 15:35

Dear forum member,

I am Mario van Deursen (52 years) and living in The Netherlands. I was born on the 26th of October 1959. Over more than 30 years I am trying to find by biological father but unfortunately I do not have much information so I hope that you recognize my story or the photo I include.

My mother, Allegonda van Deursen, now 79 years old worked in Lausanne (Switzerland) during the years 1956 up to and including 1961. Unfortunately she has always refused to provide my any information about my father and at this point her health has deteriorated in such a way that she is not able to provide me this information anymore.

In Lausanne she worked at L'Ecole Lémania and my father worked probably in a hotel in Montreux. The only thing she told me that my father came from Italy, but no name was given to me. Based on a photo, which I am not sure that the man in photo is my father, he would be around 27-35 years.

While growing up I have always felt different because I totally do not resemble my mother or one of my family members. My mother is blonde and has blue eyes and I have black and green/brown eyes. If we go somewhere with my mother, people always think that my mother is the mother of my wife because it is not an option for them that she is my mother because we are so different.

The feeling of being different but also very alone, although I am very happy with my wife and children, is something I have tried to accept however not knowing who my father is, is something I find very difficult to bear.

I therefore really hope that some recognizes my story or the photo, of which you can find the link beneath, and takes the effort to inform me. Many, many thanks for all your efforts.

Link to the photo: https://picasaweb.google.com/1022024634 ... 5061146754

Kind regards,


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