Zammarrelli from Lustra/ Rutino

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Zammarrelli from Lustra/ Rutino

Post by benguindon1 » 23 Jun 2012, 22:56

I am researching my wife's maternal grandmother. Her name was Carmela Zammarrelli. She was born on march 1st 1891 in Lustra. She immigrated to Canada via New York city in 1910. At the time of her immigration, she was living in Rutino.According to her hand-written passport(and it is difficult to read), her parents were Nalate Zammarrelli and Raffaela Mercurio.Once in Canada, she married Carmelo Infante. I have no info on him. I don't know if they came together or whether they even knew each other in Italy. Carmela died in Cornwall Ontario Canada in ? 1972.I am interested in knowing whether Carmela had any siblings and whether those siblings had children and grandchildren that are still alive today.

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Re: Zammarrelli from Lustra/ Rutino

Post by Tessa78 » 25 Jun 2012, 21:20

Hello and welcome! :-D

Have you tried writing to the Comune of Rutino?

You can request a "certificato di stato di famiglia" :-)
This should provide information about living/current members of the family.
Be sure to provide the information about Carmela's parents since it is their family/children about which you wish to know.

Ufficio Anagrafe di Rutino
Via Paestum, 6
84070 Rutino (SA)

Help with letters of request in Italian... ... agrafe.asp ... tter2.html


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