The Grecos in Colosimi

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Antonio Greco
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The Grecos in Colosimi

Post by Antonio Greco » 26 Jun 2012, 23:45

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend some literature on the Colosimi Grecos - that is if any exists.

Did the Colosimi Grecos come from Florence? I got one of those cheesy house of names things just to see if it could provide any clues and it said the surname originated in Florence. But the family seems to think were were Sicilians who moved into Calabria at some point. They base this on the fact that Greco means "Greek" and they figure the family was Greek settlers on Sicily in Antiquity.

Guiseppe Greco born around 1775. He is the earliest ancestor I can positively identify with documentation from the Archivio di Stato di Cosenza. His son was Alessandro around 1795 then Filippo Antonio in 1824, the Rosario in 1857. Rosario immigrated to North America in 1892.

I know the Grecos married the Colosimos often in Colosimi.

What I am looking for besides literature is any tidbits of information you remember or have come across regarding the Grecos in southern Italy. Anything at all that could give me a clue about where to seek out more information. Where in Italy do we find Grecos? What are they known for (if anything at all)? Any famous Grecos?
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Re: The Grecos in Colosimi

Post by PippoM » 27 Jun 2012, 07:18

You can also try

and eventually ask for help for a translation if you don't manage it with an online translator.
Anyway, to my knowledge, Greco is a very common surname, above all in the south of Italy, and it is very very likely that there are a lot of branches originating in different places.
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