record transcriptions on Family Search site, re names

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record transcriptions on Family Search site, re names

Post by elmosgirl » 03 Aug 2012, 19:27

The farther back in years (1850 and earlier) records are found on Family Search for the names I'm researching, the more likely I am to find records with a variation on the family name. Since all records I find are for residents in the same small comune, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with my questions.

Example: some records are for SMITH.
some are for DI SMITH.
All are in the same little comune.

Is it possible the records reflect the same lineage?
Same family descendents/progenitors?
Was the preface -DI- dropped through the years?

Or, is this an example of misunderstanding on the part of a transcriber, since Italian records often note 'di' when recording a birth, a baptism, a marriage, etc. (just as they might use 'fu')???

Can I safely build a (probable) family tree with both SMITH and DI SMITH records??

I hope my explanation/questions make sense!


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