Ciarlandini, Reggio Calabria

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Ciarlandini, Reggio Calabria

Post by Ciarlandini » 07 Aug 2012, 05:17


I am trying to gather some information about my grandfather. His name was Silvio Ciarlandini and he was an orphan in Reggio Calabria. My understanding is the orphanage was located in San Lorenzo, Reggio Calabria.

I have searched the name on the internet and found only one person who is not related to me. Trying to understand how the name came about.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Ciarlandini, Reggio Calabria

Post by Primo Mattino » 08 Sep 2012, 22:55

Seeing nobody replied to your request I can tell you this, though it will not be very helpfull.
1- If you mean the town San Lorenzo in the province of RC I think there is very little hope for finding something, because i never have seen anything about an orfanotrofio of that particular town.
2- If he was in an orphanage in Reggio I can tell you that last year I digitalized all of the registers of the Brevotrofio (= orphanage and place where they kept foundlings) of Reggio Calabria. These records were kept from 1905 onwards. Of course I cannot give you any data from these pictures for reasons of privacy. If you want to have data from these registers you have to write to Maria Pia Mazzitelli, the director of the Diocesanal Archive of Reggio Calabria for whom I made the pictures.
3. I have seen many many registers of the Civil State of Reggio Calabria and I was always astonished about the amount of foundlings every year. They were kept in the registers of the Civil State but in a seperate part called "B". I have noticed that the public civil servant played games with the sequential names (perhaps because of lack of fantasy)he had to give. I make an example with your name: The first foundling he called Ciarlandini, the second Ciorlandini, the third Ciurlandini, the next Cierlandini etc etc. This is only an example, I do not say this happened with your name, just to give you an impression.
If you know the exact year of birth of your grandfather I could look for you in the Civil State of Reggio Calabria if there is a Ciarlandini.
4. Some guys have made indexes of the complete population of the town of San Lorenzo in the prov. RC. Their website is at: . If your grandfather is born in that town they might have information for you.

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