GM (Italian line) birth cert filed late?

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GM (Italian line) birth cert filed late?

Post by investorhouston » 17 Aug 2012, 21:34

Hi everybody,

I'm new to this process and I've learned a bunch from reading all the posts.
I think I've learned much of what I'll need but still have a couple questions that I haven't been able to find forums for. So here goes...

Both of my gm's were born before their fathers were naturalized and both of my parents were born after 1948
so I qualify on both sides. I'm going to go thru my mothers side, since I recently had a family reunion,
and a copy of all the docs and dates was included in the reunion booklet they made. I'm applying thru Houston.

I've compiled the list (so far 17 documents) and have sent away for all of them.
I've received about 5 and a couple questions have arisen.

1) My grandmother was born in 1917, with the proper date on her certificate but I noticed it was filed in 1930, and a 2nd attached page was a affidavit from her mother (my ggm) stating the date was correct.
My ggf was naturalized in 1922. Would this be an issues since it's filed AFTER his naturualization?
Even though she was born before?

2) My grandmother lied about her age frequently. I just received my grandparents marriage licenses from Houston and the age said 23 (on the second page - it looks like I could detach this). She was 31.
Would this be a problem? I've been told it was common to have this. After all, claiming you're
younger doesn't truly make you younger..unfortunately.

3) And finally: I will need to get two divorce decrees translated. I speak/read/write decent Italian. I've called the clerks office and these records are 47 and 67 pages. I'm not wanting to pay $25/page (or much of anything really) to translate these, but I'm still worried about any technical language.
How much treatment and inspection are these usually given at the consulate?
I'm tempted to get the first pages translated and then work on the rest myself.

Thanks a million


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