Help with records for DeAugustine in BRIANO Caserta

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Help with records for DeAugustine in BRIANO Caserta

Post by mianzo » 19 Sep 2012, 06:20

Thanks to some very helpful people on this site and some good folks at the records office in San Clemente,Caserta I have been able to trace back 6 generations of my father’s father and his family. My only task left is to discover how all the various individuals fit within the family members I have already identified – probably brothers and sisters – but still researching. The key was finding the correct Italian spelling for my name – turned out it was MAIENZA – then everything fell into place.

I am having no luck with my father’s mother and her family probably because I haven’t figured out the Italian spelling of the name.

My grandmother’s name was Anna DeAugustine – her name was probably some form of D'Agostino but I have found no other spelling of her name on documents in US.

She was born on January 21, 1891 in Briano, Caserta, Italy (according to my grandfather’s Dominic’s naturalization papers) I can’t find a US marriage record but I think they were married somewhere in western Pennsylvania.

My grandmother’s parents were Frank and Mary. I believe my grandmother had three brothers Peter, James, and Anthony all born in Italy. I have some US census info on these folks but nothing from Italy.

Here is where I need some help.
I have found TWO areas in the Province of Caserta named Briano
    One is a very small frazioni named Briano just north of the city of Caserta near the Royal Palace of Caserta ... nJPcWJ1MDg
      The second one is called Villa di Briano located about 10 miles south west of the town of Caserta ... mZ2QUFUYUU

      I have written to the town of Villa di Briano using the address below but never heard anything.

      Ufficio dello Stato Civile
      Comune di Villa di Briano
      81030 Villa di Briano CE

      I have a feeling the other Briano might be the correct town but can’t find an address to use to write for records. My guess is I need to write to a larger town.

      Any help with the address for Briano records or ideas on how to find info on my grandmother would be appreciated. Thanx

      Frank Mianzo

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      Re: Help with records for DeAugustine in BRIANO Caserta

      Post by jamiecapaldi » 19 Sep 2012, 11:58

      Hello Frank,

      I would say you are definately right with the correct spelling 'D'Agostino'.
      Briano just north of Caserta should (i guess) come under Caserta Records; ... di+Caserta+++

      However, if you did find out it was Villa Di Briano (south west of caserta) then you would have to try this link: ... i+Villa+di+++

      Nati = Birth
      Matrimoni = Marriage
      Morti = Death


      I believe before 1950 Villa Di Briano was known as 'frignano piccolo'.
      Cheers Jamie
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      Re: Help with records for DeAugustine in BRIANO Caserta

      Post by erudita74 » 19 Sep 2012, 12:12

      Here are addresses for the city of Caserta, in case you want to give that a try, as Briano is a frazione of that city,


      Ufficio Anagrafe
      Citta di Caserta
      Piazza Vanvitelli
      81100 Caserta Centralino (CE)

      phone: 0823.273001

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      Re: Help with records for DeAugustine in BRIANO Caserta

      Post by adelfio » 19 Sep 2012, 16:48

      Hi Frank I think the surname is d'Agostino
      If it is the frazione of BRIANO there are records online at for Caserta, like Erudita says record are kept at the Comune of Caserta for the frazione I checked that date January 21, 1891 and 1892 in Caserta, in the birth records Parte I and Parte II found nothing but that might be the wrong birthdate or the town of Villa Di Briano might be the right one your searching for .I did see the SURNAME SPELLED D'AGOSTINO. THE PROBLEM IS THERE IS NO INDEX FOR THAT YEAR 1891 OF THAT SECTION SO YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH EACH RECORD TO SEARCH for Ann d'Agostino

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