Researching Trupiano Family

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Re: Researching Trupiano Family

Post by vj » 25 Sep 2012, 17:17

Hey Krista!
Here are the 1930 and 1940 census records
I checked the 185 Bayard address, it doesn't appear to be there any longer
There is a park at 178 Lentol Street created in 1946 when the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway was built...

1930 census
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Home in 1930:
185 Bayard Street
Brooklyn, Kings, New York

head Rocco Trupiano 70, abt 1860 IT
- married age 30, abt 1890
- immig 1895, Al (alien)
- retail merchant, junk shop
wife Nancy Trupiano 60, abt 1870 IT
- married age 20
daughter Jennie Trupiano 25, abt 1905 NY
son Anthony Trupiano 21, abt 1909 NY

head (son-in-law) Anthony Russo 40 Conjetta Russo 70 Conjetta Russo 19 Conrad Russo 14 Nancy Russo 10

head (son-in-law) Charles Guida 36 Mary Guida 32

head (son) Thomas Trupiano 24 Martha Trupiano 23 Rocco Trupiano 2

only two blocks away
Home in 1930:
32 Herbert Street, rents $30, has a radio
Brooklyn, Kings, New York

head Michael Trupiano 40, abt 1890 NY
- married age 23, abt 1913
- driver, street cleaning
wife Frances Trupiano 36, abt 1894 NY
- married age 19
son Rocco Trupiano 15, abt 1915 NY
daughter Nancy Trupiano 12, abt 1918 NY
son Mathew Trupiano 11, abt 1919 NY
son Joseph Trupiano 7, abt 1923 NY
son Michael Trupiano 3 9/12, abt 1926 NY

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Re: Researching Trupiano Family

Post by vj » 25 Sep 2012, 17:57

If you don't already have a genealogy program fopr your computer,
there's a terrific free one (PAF) on FamilySearch that you can download

1940 census

- awful transcription on ancestry
- it's better on FamilySearch (free)

Home in 1940:
New York, Kings, New York
Street: Bayard Street House Number: 185
Residence in 1935: New York, Kings, New York, Same House

head Manciez (Nancy) Trugsiano (Trupiano) 59, abt 1881 IT
- owns house, $6000
- alien
daughter Junie (Jennie) Trugsiano 34, abt 1906 NY

head (son) Anthony Trupians 31 Louis Trupians 28 Theresly Trupians 4 Rose Trupians 2

head (son-in-law) Palania Suirla (Palmerino Guida) 44 Mary Suirla 41

Michael and family moved to Hempsted
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Home in 1940:
Hempstead, Nassau, New York
Street: Oakley Avenue House Number: 327
Residence in 1935: Hempstead, Nassau, New York, Same House

head Michael Trupiano 49, abt 1891 NY
- chaueffeur, sanitation driver, earned $2000
mother (wife) Franchs Trupiano 47, abt 1893 NY
son Rocco Trupiano 26, abt 1914 NY
daughter Nancy Trupiano 22, abt 1918 NY
son Matthew Trupiano 21, abt 1919 NY
son Joseph Trupiano 17, abt 1923 NY
son Michael Trupiano 12, abt 1928 NY
daughter Josephine Trupiano 7, abt 1933 NY

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Re: Researching Trupiano Family

Post by daddyo56 » 28 Dec 2013, 18:31

Just catching up with all of this. My father was Rocco Trupiano, son of Thomas Trupiano. Apparently they fit a lot of Trupianos in that Bayard Street house! My dad was born 1927, and when he was a kid the Bayard street house was destroyed or badly damaged by a flood, and the residents scattered throughout Brooklyn(and Queens I think) but many of them landed on Guernsey(sic) Street in Greenpoint, which is where my dad grew up till he joined the Army in 1944. Many of his cousins lived there as well. Thomas, his father(second to last son of Rocco) died when my dad was nine. It's interesting that Rocco's son Michael was a bookbinder as my father spent most of his working years in the book business, as have I. Sadly my father and most of his generation are gone, and I have almost no one to help me connect the dots any further. Impressive detective work by all on this site!

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