Marcantonio Picinisco

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Marcantonio Picinisco

Post by aupyle » 15 Mar 2013, 12:24

Giovanni Marcantonio came to Newcastle upon Tyne England from Picinisco in about 1890, I believe with his son Antonio and started an ice cream business.

Can anyone tell me how they would travel at that time?
Did they need passports?
They were on the 1901 British census but I believe returned to Italy shortly after that.
How can I find out where they went to when they returned to Italy - most likely Picinisco.

I would be grateful for any information about why so many people left Picinisco at that time.

A Pyle

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Re: Marcantonio Picinisco

Post by Italysearcher » 15 Mar 2013, 15:03

There is a Giovanni born in 1863 (ref:118), Giovanni born in 1885 shown as being in Birmingham (ref:123)
Giovanni born in 1864 (ref: 116) but none of them shown as married.
There is a register of the population which has many expats in the UK and their children registered as residents of Picinisco (officially)this would tell you if they returned to Picinisco.
They wouldn't need passports to go to the UK I don't believe.
Most people left due to lack of work, hunger, lack of opportunity, too large families, the land wasn't enough to support an extended family etc.
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Re: Marcantonio Picinisco

Post by stuartcapaldi » 17 Mar 2013, 13:12

A Pyle

I can recommend a book "Italy's Many Diasporas" by Donna R. Gabaccia.
which will give you all the details of and statistics on Italian emigration throughout the World.
It contains specific references to Picinisco on pages 71,78 & 92

I also note below some notes that I have taken from the book:-

Chapter 4 pages 92 – 93
“In Italy, peasant cash incomes of 350 to 500 lira a year combined with considerable subsistence production of food and cloth could sustain life and ensure the reproduction of the next generation.

Although Italy’s peasants lived very poorly, died young, and complained of “la miseria” they rarely starved. Surplus cash from abroad thus opened possibilities for greater security comfort and pleasure.

Already in 1880 a postal clerk in Picinisco saw almost 130,000 lire cross his counter – or about 150 lire for each of the 850 Europe – bound migrants from his small town.”

If you wish any more info please check out my web site and/or contact me on
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