Savoia Family from Vallelunga

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Savoia Family from Vallelunga

Post by sepiaz » 16 Mar 2013, 04:56

Italian Genealogy’s servers crashed right after I made my first post tracing my paternal grandparents from Sicily. My paternal grandfather was Salvatore Piazza. I am still trying to locate more information on his family but I do know he was from Sicily, and now that I know a little more about my paternal grandmother’s family. There is a very strong possibility he was from Vallelunga.

Here is what I recently learned about my paternal grandmother who was Rosalie Savoia. Rosalie Savoia married Salvatore Piazza. They probably immigrated in the late 1890s. I think I may have found her Ellis Island ship manifest – as I am typing this I am also researching a Rosalia who emigrated from Vallelunga in 1898.

Rosalie had a brother Salvatore Savoia (born abt. 1879) who married Marianina Guliano. Salvatore Savoia was from Caltanissetta (as listed on the Ellis Island ship manifest and according to my cousin).

Salvatore Savoia may have had the following siblings: Giuseppe (born abt. 1884) from Vallelunga; Rosaria (1887); and Michele (1891) all from Vallelunga and who emigrated in 1898, and John (1874) who emigrated in 1904 and Concetta (aka Concitta) who emigrated in 1905. So if these were Salvatore's siblings then, of course, they were my paternal grandmother Rosalie’s siblings also.

Concetta went to Falconer New York when she arrived in 1905. John Savoia went to New York City but to a different address in NYC than the other Savoias listed above. He was also listed as from NYC, so this is not his original immigration record. He obviously emigrated earlier, but so far I cannot find a record.

What I am puzzled by is that Concetta, who was listed as married on the ship manifest, went to Falconer, New York, so could not have been born a Savoia. My cousin from whom I received this family information listed her as a possible sibling to Salvatore Savoia. I know we have distant cousins in New York, so this could be the connection, but I don’t think Concetta is a sibling to Salvatore. There is some other relationship, though. All the information my cousin gave to me about the above individuals (except Marianina), I instantly found on the Ellis Island registry.

Rosalie and Salvatore Piazza and Salvatore and Marianina Savoia (remember Rosalie Piazza and Salvatore Savoia are siblings) lived and raised their families in Phillipsburg, NJ.

If anyone has any information on this family line I would appreciate hearing from you.

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