Speroni Family Tree

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Speroni Family Tree

Post by ffxanthony » 31 May 2013, 18:33


I'm trying to get to grips with my Italian family tree. I have in my possession my great great grandmothers Italian passport, her Alien Registration Certificate and Death Certificate. From using an Ancestry website I've come up with the following:

Name: Rosa Pietronave/Pietronava
DOB: 04/07/1882 OR 1881 (her passport says 1882, alien resgistation card says 1881)
Born in: San Pietro Vara, Italy
She came to the UK when she was around 18, arriving 1st March 1900.

At some point either in the UK or in Italy, she married Pietro ("Peter") Speroni (becoming Rosa Speroni).

I cannot seem to find any marriage record in the UK. I have other various things like census records etc from Ancestry, but what I need to find is both of their Italian birth certificates and also their marriage certificate. I'm now stumped where to look!

Can anyone else give me any other information about them/suggestions? If you need more information I would be happy to give it, if I know myself!


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Re: Speroni Family Tree

Post by adelfio » 01 Jun 2013, 16:51

There are marriage records online at familysearch.org for Italy, Genova, Chiavari, ...on (Tribunale), 1866-194 Province La Spezia
Town of Varese Ligure(San Pietro Vara is a frazione of Varese Ligure which is where the marriage record would be
I did some quick looking 1900-1897 in the indexes which are behind the year you are searching for did not come up with any records with those names
https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/T ... %3D1482818

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Re: Speroni Family Tree

Post by Jill Harshbarger » 03 Jun 2013, 07:12


According to the family records that I have from my great grandmother, Mary Pietronave Pelissa, who was one of Rosa Pietronave's younger sisters, Rosa was born on July 4, 1881 in San Pietro Vara. I have also experienced frustration in researching where our Italian records are concerned, but according to some of our Italian relatives, the place to look for records is in the town church-- where they kept baptism records. I know that San Pietro Vara has a church because we saw it while visiting, but didn't do any research.

I have copies of letters written by Rosa's son, Peter, in 1939, with a return address of Hertfordshire, but have no other information on where she may have married. Both of Rosa's parents died in Castiglione Chivarese, Liguria, Italy. Her father, Agostino in 1927, and her mother in 1938. Perhaps if Peter and Rosa married in Italy, this might be a place to start.

Good luck!

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Re: Speroni Family Tree

Post by paola52 » 03 Jun 2013, 12:37

Hello :D
This is the address for the parish of San Pietro Vara

Parrocchia di S. Pietro Apostolo
S. Pietro Vara, 19020 Varese Ligure (SP)
Tel: (0187) 847712
They should have her baptismal record (easy to find since you have her dob) and her marriage record too, if she married there

For civil records try the Comune

Good luck
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