Giovanni Lorenzo Altobello information

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Giovanni Lorenzo Altobello information

Post by Suzybell37 » 06 Jul 2013, 17:17

We are looking for information on the Altobello family. This is what we have so far and unfortunately it is not much:

Giovanni Lorenzo Altobello born June 15, 1882
Location of birth possibly Monte Falcone
Left for the United States on the Spartan out of Florence 1899 with arrival June 14, 1899
According to the manifest his father was already in Deluth Minnesota.
His name was changed upon arrival to New York as he was known as John Lawrence Bell
He married Mary Rose Picciano, not sure what year this took place.

This is the only information we have. Any help that can be provided would we wonderful!
Thank you
Susan Bell

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Re: Giovanni Lorenzo Altobello information

Post by suanj » 06 Jul 2013, 18:35

Hi Giovanni Altobelli by ship's manifest joining at father Alessandro:

First Name: Giovanni
Last Name: Altobelli
Ethnicity: Italy, Italian
Last Place of Residence: Montefaleone
Date of Arrival: Jun 14, 1899
Age at Arrival: 16y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Spartan Prince
Port of Departure: Naples
Manifest Line Number: 0027

Alessandro Altobelli 3th trip:

New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Alessandro Aut Altobelli
Name: Alessandro Aut Altobelli
Arrival Date: 17 Mar 1906
Birth Date: abt 1848
Age: 58
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Italian (South) (Italian)
Port of Departure: Naples, Italy
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Weimar
joining at son Giovanni in Eveleth, Minnesota..

2th trip:
New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Alessandro Altobelli
Name: Alessandro Altobelli
Arrival Date: 11 Apr 1901
Birth Date: abt 1848
Age: 53
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Italian
Port of Departure: Antwerp, Belgium
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Westernland

the last residence is Montefalcone... I believe Montefalcone di Val Fortore/Montefalcone Valfortore, Benevento province, Campania region, IT
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Re: Giovanni Lorenzo Altobello information

Post by Kenai4 » 05 Aug 2013, 19:55

It would indeed be spelled as Altobelli as well as being Montefalcone di Val Fortore. It is a small village right on the ridge of the Apennine range about 20 miles from the principal city of Benevento in Campania inland from Naples.

Most of the civil records in the village were destroyed during the war covering the "sweet spot" of emigration to the US..with very few available after 1860. The Fascists were the ones blamed for this destruction. Looking on Familysearch, you can see the records for there end right about that time period.

Many of the villagers went to Iron Mountain MICHIGAN and then on to the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota...about 60 miles north of the port city on Lake Superior- Duluth.

My great grandfather was an Altobelli. Being an Altobelli is like being a Maki on the Iron Range or a Murphy in Boston. The north side of Virginia, Minnesota was like a mini-village from Montefalcone with all the same names.
I saw family names all over the War Memorials in the village. Altobelli. Paoletti. Mansueto. The names are so common that it is really hard to identify relatives. Lots of false starts and lots of confusion. I was told in the village that people come and spend days there trying to find a living relative without any luck. We were fortunate to be in the right place in the right time and had some success. I have renewed my efforts to uncover more and spent the better part of the day.

What part of the country are you in? The Iron Range Interpretive center in Chisholm Mn is supposed to have a very organized index of Naturalization Papers. That is on my radar for this month.

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