Palazzolo Great Aunts and Uncles:

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Palazzolo Great Aunts and Uncles:

Post by ty79978 » 06 Aug 2013, 00:17

I'm trying to find the birth acts or birth certificates or birth notices for my great aunts and uncles.

Each born with the Palazzolo surname.
They all immigrated to the United States in 1920-1921 with their parents:

*Parents of all children are Girolamo Palazzolo & Lucrezia Giacona.

Here are children in birth order:

1. Maria Palazzolo - Born: (According to Headstone) 1900.
*I think she could've been also born in 1901.

2. Josephine Palazzolo "Giuseppa" Born: January 18th, 1903

3. Orsola "Orsolina" "Lena" Palazzolo Born: July 3rd 1905 or July 3rd 1906. (Her headstone grave says 1906. Mass cards says 1905 as year of birth so I'm not sure, but the same of July 3rd would be her birth date.

4. Lucrecia "Lucrezia" "Lucy" Palazzolo: Born August 20th, 1909 or August 20th, 1910, or August 20th, 1911.
*Headstone says 1909 as year of birth. *Newspaper Death Notices says 1910 and 1911 as year of birth. But date of birth would be August 20th.

5. Natale Palazzolo Born: June 28th, 1912

6. Mario Palazzolo. Born: July 13th, 1917.

All Palazzolo siblings were born in Palermo, Italy.
I would say that they were born in Sicily, or Cinsi.

*Now I know that Girolamo Palazzolo and Lucrezia Giacona (the parents of these children) got married on June 11th, 1889 in Cinsi, Palermo, Italy.
Here is there marriage act: ... :742520769

(A ten year gap from marriage to children seem unlikely to me. I think there were more children born)
Is it possible that Lucrezia gave birth to more children between 1889 and 1900?

Maria Palazzolo is the first known daughter.
As for other children besides the one listed above for Girolamo Palazzolo and Lucrezia Giacona I'm unaware of other children, but I get the feeling that there were indeed more.

Thanks to anyone who can help!


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