Dippolito and Rossi ancestors

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Dippolito and Rossi ancestors

Post by AliAdventures » 07 Aug 2013, 22:12

Hello! I'm new here so hopefully I'm doing this right.

I'm trying to find info and documents for my great grandparents who moved from Italy to the US. They lived in Colledimacine, Abruzzo, Italy. My great grandfather was Michele Dippolito (possibly spelled D'Ippolito) and my great grandmother was Lucia Rossi.

Michele was born March 31, 1884. I assume he was born in Colledimacine, but I'm not 100% sure. I think his father's name was Achille, but again, I'm not sure, and I don't know what his mother's name was.

Lucia was born April 20, 1890. I'm almost positive she was born in Lettopalena. I think her parents were Natale Rossi and Marinne Archangelo.

Michele left Italy in 1908, then supposedly went back to Italy to marry Lucia. I think they got married in 1909 in Colledimacine, though I'm not positive of the year or town. Sometime after that they moved to NY with their first child, Antonietta.

I'd love to track down birth certificates for Michele Dippolito and Lucia Rossi, as well as their marriage certificate for my citizenship research. I've searched on several sites, but so far no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: Dippolito and Rossi ancestors

Post by PippoM » 19 Aug 2013, 08:34

Civil records for Lettopalena 1809-1900 and Colledimacine 1809-1865 are available on microfilm at Family History Centers of Mormon Church.
See catalog:

You can request the microfilms you are interested in, and then examine them at the nearest Family History Center

But for your citizenship, you have to write to Italian Communes and request the certificates; info you have should be sufficient, at least for birth certificates.
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Translation of your (old) documents and letters.
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Re: Dippolito and Rossi ancestors

Post by adelfio » 19 Aug 2013, 15:24

Welcome to IG website
According to the to the birth index for the town of Colledimacine it says he was born in 1881 name is spelled d'Ippolito Michele son of Achille the birth record is INDEX#22 so you can send for that birth act you have the right info I checked there was no Michele d'Ippolito born in 1884 in the indexes for the town of Colledimacine
http://www.geocities.ws/colledimacineit ... alogy.html
Assuming you have the right birthdate for Lucia
I would get the film from Family History Library from Lettopalena Lucia Rossi to make sure you have the right info before I send for the citizenship request
Nati, matrioni, morti, pubblicazioni, cittadinanze 1872-1891 Granite Mountain Record Vault INTL Film 1443093

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