Giuseppe Mesiano - I have conflicting ancestry trees

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Giuseppe Mesiano - I have conflicting ancestry trees

Post by gliesian66 » 08 Aug 2013, 18:31

I need some help finding out about (my 2nd great grandfather) Giuseppe Mesiano, who his wife was and who his siblings were... all in relation to his son (my great grandfather) Salvatore Dominic Mesiano (listed below).

What I know:

Name: Giuseppe Mesiano (1869-?) in Pizzoni, Catanzaro (Vibo Valentia), Calabria, IT
Son: Salvatore Dominic Mesiano (21 Dec 1887-1950) Born: Pizzoni, Catanzaro, Italy, Died: Florida
Son (Salvatore) on ... 0286478367
Daughter-in-law (Salvatore's wife): Maria Rizzello (1890-1960), Born: Pizzoni, Catanzaro (Vibo Valentia), Calabria, Died: Richland, NJ

As such, I have conflicting information on Giuseppe's wife and his siblings:

Option #1:

Wife: ?
Siblings: Carlo Mesiano (1844-1916) and Antonio Mesiano
Parents: Giuseppe Mesiano, mother: [? Grassi or Idria Rizzo]


Option #2:
Wife: Maria Teresa Vaerza (1869-?)
Sibiling: Maria Mesiano (1868-1914)
Parents: Agostino Mesiano (1849-1885), Theresa (1849-1890)


Option #3:
Was he married twice, and both sets (option #1 and option #2) are valid?

And then... outside of Salvatore Dominic Mesiano... who were Giuseppe's children?

Can anyone please help with this?


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