Trying to find a Genealogist to work in Racalmuto, Sicily

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Trying to find a Genealogist to work in Racalmuto, Sicily

Post by rp76226 » 19 Aug 2013, 04:40

The records I seek can be found at the Church of the Annunziata on Via Garibaldi in Racalmuto. When we were there, our driver had to contact the priest at the nearby Church of Maria del Carmelo to gain access to the other church. I was there in May, but only for 30 minutes. I was very impressed at how organized their records were. They are in bound books by range of years with an index that makes it relatively easy and quick to find records.

When I was there, with the help of a lay person assigned to help me by the priest, she found and interpreted the 28 April 1811 marriage record of Salvatore Puma and Maria Rosa Carlino (my grandfather's great grandparents). That record gave the parents of that couple (Gaetano Puma and Sebastianna Ippolito; Giovanni Carlino and Vincenza Barone). I was allowed to take non-flash digital pictures which came out very well.

I am sure that if I had more time, I could have found, without much difficulty, the marriage records for Gaetano Puma and Sebastianna Ippolito by merely looking at marriage records 20-40 years earlier. In the same manner, I think I could have gone back in time to find more Puma generations from each new marriage record found.

I am hoping to find someone to spend a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 4 hours time at the church in the room where the records are kept to find additional records accompanied by readable pictures of the records found and the key genealogical facts and dates contained in the records. My priorities, including copies of all records found, would be (until time ran out) in this order:

First, find as many Puma generation parental ancestors of Gaetano Puma (the husband of Sebastianna Ippolito), through searching out marriage records as I described how earlier in this email (see bold type above).

Second, find the birth and death dates/records of the other Puma ancestor parents and grandparents previously found (not the wives yet).

Third, find the other children of Gaetano Puma and Sebastianna Ippolito. Also find the children's marriage records.

Fourth, find the birth and death dates of Gaetano Puma and his son, Salvatore Puma.

Fifth, find the other children of the Puma ancestors found (birth, death, and marriage records.

Sixth, find the birth and death records of the Puma ancestor wives.

Note - I have purposely given more research requests that I think can be done in 3-4 hours. I figure it's better to give too much than too little.

Ron Puma

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