church names

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church names

Post by frankcsr » 29 Aug 2013, 21:29

Back in May-July you got me information on my grandparents. I do not know how to reference that info that you sent me so I listed the approx. dates that you sent mre the info. With the info that you sent me can you tell me what church Rosario D'Angelo (b. Oct. 6 1886) and Giuseppa Miceli (b.July 3,1886) were baptized in in Ali Superiori, Sicily. Also for Francesco Crisafulli (b.April 13, 1885) and Maria Costa (b. July 19, 1891) from Massa Santa lucia, Sicily. I am going to Sicily and only have one day in each of the towns. I would like to find and visit the churches that they were baptised in. You previously found via San Santo and via Cirella street for Rosario and Giuseppa where they were born. I do not have any adresses for Francesco Crisafulli or Maria Costa.
Thank you again,
Frank C.

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Re: church names

Post by Italysearcher » 30 Aug 2013, 09:16

Civil birth records in these years did not contain the name of the parish where the baby was baptized. is the site where you can find the names of all the parish churches in the town. Since you know (probably) the address where they were born, use a map to locate the nearest parish. When you are in town, as at the closest bar if the street you have is in the parish of the nearby church. For those you don't have addresses for, you will need to ask at city hall to see if they have the kind of records that will give you that information. Chances are if they are related, they were from the same or a neighbouring parish.
Have a great trip.
Ann Tatangelo
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