De Luca

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De Luca

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I'm hoping that someone can help me with my research of Dr Philipe De Luca an Italian Physician and Surgeon who arrived in Port Macquarie, Australia with his wife and two children in December 1908. De Luca had only recently arrived in Australia from Europe where he had been in practice for 12 years.

I believe De Luca had been a Medical Officer in the Royal Italian Army in 1897 and after spending 5 years in the leading hospitals in Italy he went to Paris where he studied high class surgery in the hospital of Dr Duplay an eminent Parisian surgeon.

He was then sent by the French government on a mission to Tonquin, Constantinople and then to the Argentine Republic. It was from here that he came to Australia.
We also know that during his time in Italy he was also the Consul in Messina for the Republic of Bolivia.

De Luca reportedly returned to Italy during World War I.

He was a prolific writer and became a leading authority on Tuberculosis and in the development of a prophylactic vaccine for protection against the white scourge. His contribution to publications included Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis and its Sporadic Manifestations (La Semana Medica, No. 30 1898, Buenos Aries, South America), Considerations and Deliberations on Tuberculosis (La Semana Medica No. 19 1902 Buenos Aries, South America) and Specific Treatment of Tuberculosis (Sydney 1913).

Hoping someone can help with my research.

Kind regards

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