Portale della Storia War Recruits

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Portale della Storia War Recruits

Post by dominique426 » 05 Nov 2013, 02:03


I was wondering if there was an outline for the war drafts? I have been trying to read the drafts of my uncle Angelo but have a hard time seeing them... I can make out a few words like ricca, his birthday, his name, etc. but cannot read the whole thing.

Is there a general outline of the war recruits or a way to make the image bigger to make it easier to read? I printed them out and have been using a magnifying glass... but it hasn't been helping much. I do not have very good vision.

FAMILY SURNAMES: Sessa, Apuzzo, Merenda, Fisicaro, Bloise, Esposito, Costanzo, Ferrigno, Letiziano, Tomasetta, Covollo, Lerardi, Ferrigno, Barbella, Capparelli

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