Rizzo and Degerome Familiesl

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Re: Rizzo and Degerome Familiesl

Post by erudita74 » 06 Dec 2013, 19:34

Here are the links to the marriages of Tony Rizzo, Jr and Joseph Rizzo. Also the third link is to a marriage of a Josephine F. Rizzo to a Mario Michael Chiricuzio (could this be Chick?). Marriage was in 1938, her father was an Anthony and her mother a Concetta. She was, however, born in 1918-only 20 at the time of the 1938 marriage, which she lists as her first marriage. She died in Pittsburg, California in 2002. Her mother's surname was supposedly Zanghi.

The marriage records of Tony Jr Rizzo and Joseph Rizzo give Josephine Forte as their mother:

Tony Rizzo, Jr.

https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/T ... :961337493

Joseph Rizzo

https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/T ... n523775879

Josephine F. Rizzo -1838 marriage record- I see that someone has husband Chiricuzio on ancestry.com and an 1885 year of birth for her father Anthony Rizzo. I don’t have a subscription to ancestry.com and can’t access all of the info on that family. I am just wondering if the husband in this record could be Chick (maybe Chick was a nickname for a surname and not a first name)??? Also the husband Mario Michael's Chiricuzio's mother’s surname was Digennaro, close to DeGerome maybe, so maybe this info found on ancestry.com is throwing off the ancestry of the correct Rizzo family and confusing everything????

https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/T ... G:71946415


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Re: Rizzo and Degerome Familiesl

Post by gayleputt » 06 Dec 2013, 20:49

If I'm processing this correctly, and based on what Faye said, Patsy was orginally a DeGerome..as was his brother Anthony. After Chick died, and his mother Josephine Forte married Mr. Rizzo...Anthony took the name Rizzo but Patsy kept the DeGerome name. Concetta, the youngest of Antonia Rizzo/Gaetana Comparato children was born in 1925. So Josphine had to have married Rizzo between 1924-1927 (when Rocco Rizzo was born). It had to be in America but I am not having any luck with finding their marriage record. At least this is making more sense than before. haha. Thanks so much.

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