Mazzei family, Lucca Province

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Mazzei family, Lucca Province

Post by DMazzie » 30 Nov 2013, 09:53


Thanks to the antenati.san.beniculturi and familysearch websites, I have managed to find more information on my family tree from the Province of Lucca.

I am now hoping to trace my family back through church records.

There are 3 main towns that my family lived in:-

Chiozza, in Castiglione di Garfagnana
Colognora, in Pescaglia,
Alpe di Stazzema, in Stazzema.

I have wrote to the parish priests in these towns before, but apart from Pescaglia have never received a response (even though I had enclosed donations).

Does anybody know of someone from the Lucca region, who would be able to visit the churches and photograph the relevant pages from their registers?

Obviously, I wouldn't want to be willing to pay over the odds, as I have found some websites that offer this, but start at $1900.

In Chiozza, I am hoping for a search of the records from about 1805-1810 for:-
Possible marriage of Iacopo Mazzei (son of Pellegrino) and Rosa Guazzelli (daughter of Marco) (c.1805-1810);
Possible baptism of Luigi Mazzei - son of Iacopo and Rosa Guazzelli (c.1809-1810).

In Colognora, I am hoping for a search of the records from 1832-1881 for:
marriage of Luigi Mazzei (son of Iacopo) and Rosa Lombardi (daughter of Simeone) - 15th January 1832;
baptism of Erminia Mazzei (daughter of Luigi and Rosa Lombardi) - born on 2nd Feb 1849;
baptism of Giovanni Mazzei (son of Luigi and Rosa Lombardi) - born 1st August 1852 - baptised 10th August 1852;
possible burial of Iacopo Mazzei (son of Pellegrino and Caterina Viviani) between 1832-1852;
possible burial of Erminia Mazzei (daughter of Luigi and Rosa Lombardi) between 1849-1850;
burial of Rosa Mazzei (Guazzelli) - daughter of Marco Guazzelli - died 21st September 1870;
burial of Luigi Mazzei (son if Iacopo and Rosa Guazzelli) died 21st September 1876;
burial of Rosa Mazzei (Lombardi) - daughter of Simeone - died 26th December 1881.

In Alpe di Stazzema I m hoping to find:-
baptisms of Mazzei children, particularly children of Iacopo and Rosa Guazzelli (from 1809-1822);
marriage of Pellegrino Mazzei and Caterina Viviani (c.1780-1788) (plus baptisms of their children;
baptism of Pellegrino Mazzei (son of Domenico) c.1725.

If anybody can help, can you send me a message please?


Darin (England)

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Re: Mazzei family, Lucca Province

Post by adelfio » 30 Nov 2013, 16:38

I would try to find relatives in those towns to try to help you in your quest maybe they have info already. Try writing to some Mazzei's might get lucky

Italian phone book PG LINK

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