Surname Cappuccio and De Prisco of Grottaminarda, Avellino

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Surname Cappuccio and De Prisco of Grottaminarda, Avellino

Post by vcappuc » 04 Dec 2013, 01:20

Francesco Cappuccio born abt. 1864 Grottaminarda, arrival abt 1896
Carmina (spelling?) De Prisco born abt. 1878 Avellino, arrival in 1905 with:
Agostino Cappuccio (step son of Carmina)
Mariano Cappuccio (step son of Carmina)
Rosaria Cappuccio (sp? step daughter of Carmina)
Eugenio Cappuccio (step son of Carmina)
Maria Cappuccio (daughter of Carmina and Francesco)

In the ship manifest that shows Carmina De Prisco and the 5 children, it says that Carmina's Brother in Law is "Santito Cappuccio" I have not been able to find any matches to this name and am not sure he ever immigrated to us. In a separate manifest for Francesco which contains the oldest daughter Margherita, traveling with him in 1896, it mentions a sister named "Giuseppe" -I have no information for her either and am wondering if the manifest for Francesco is incorrect.

Looking for siblings or parents of Francesco Cappuccio, and any information on Carmina (sp?) De Prisco.

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Re: Surname Cappuccio and De Prisco of Grottaminarda, Avelli

Post by adelfio » 04 Dec 2013, 01:55

Have you tried the Family History Library films of civil records of Grottaminarda (Avellino), 1809-1910 Births, marriages, banns, deaths, miscellaneous documents, citizenship records, ten year indexes for the info you seek to verify your information
Francesco Cappuccio(Father) Born 1864
Carmina De Prisco (Step Mother, Biological mother on 1) Born 1878
Margherita Cappuccio-b1888 imm. 1905 with Francesco went to live with
Pasqualina Cappuccio-b1890 imm. Boston Pass. List
Felice "felix" Cappuccio-b1893 imm. Boston Pass. List
Agostino Cappuccio-b1894 imm. 1909 Oceania
Mariano Cappuccio-b1895 imm. 1909 Oceania
Rosaria Cappuccio-b1900 imm. 1909 Oceania
Eugenio Cappuccio-b1901 imm. 1909 Oceania not on 1910 census
John Cappuccio-b1901. 1910 cenus no imm. record?
Margaret Cappuccio-b1906. 1910 cenus no imm. record only biolog. child.
Maria Cappuccio-b1907 imm. 1909 Oceania not on 1910 census
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About Italian Records ... al_Records

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