Petrecca/Tamburri/Arcari Castelpetroso

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Petrecca/Tamburri/Arcari Castelpetroso

Post by silvana/australia » 24 Apr 2005, 12:50

Dear members,

My ggfather Angelo Petrecca worked (on & off) in America during late 1890 to about 1920. He stayed with his sister Virginia Arcari. I can not find any Ellis Island records for him & wondered what other way he could have entered America to work. I am not sure where in America his sister lived, maybe New York. Only other info I have on him :

parents: ? Maria & Adolloratto Petrecca

brother: Nicola - died during WW1

wife: Giovannina Petrecca (nee Arcari) died 1941

children: Adolloratto died 6/1/1940 - wife Rosa Tamburri (her parents Asunta & Giovanni Tamburri - brother Domenico, sister Lucia)
Philomena - husband Carmen Giancola
Marietta - husband Pipino Tamburri
Michelina - husband Angelo D'Franchesco
Nicholina - never married

There should be some record of him arriving or working in America and census records for Virginia Arcari his sister. They were very close & she helped her brother a lot.

Not much to go on. Any info on any family members would be welcomed.

Regards Silvana

ps EDMONDO this is without doubt the best genealogy site around, beautifully presented and carefully thought out, this is evident also by the number of caring and helpful people your site attracts.
g'day from WA

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Re: Petrecca/Tamburri/Arcari Castelpetroso

Post by VaDeb » 24 Apr 2005, 21:02

Hi Silvana,

Just for clarification:

You are searching for Angelo Petrecca - Do you know year of birth? Place of birth in Italy?
His wife was Giovannina Petrecca (nee Arcari).
His sister was Virginia Arcari. Do you have an age for her?
Is Arcari the sister's maiden or married name?
His wife and sister had the same surname?

There are other ports beside Ellis Island that immigrants could enter the US. Not all are on-line.


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Re: Petrecca/Tamburri/Arcari Castelpetroso

Post by suanj » 24 Apr 2005, 22:04

Hi Silvana,
really searching for you, I find only an record, last possibility, (otherwise, no find, why all possible records, final destination Chicago), but this is an Arcangelo Petrecca/petracca final destination New York : ... 3300120373

The name Addolorato, let me think Boiano/Castelpetroso area...
I want search again.

regards, suanj
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Re: Petrecca/Tamburri/Arcari Castelpetroso

Post by mfjp » 25 Apr 2005, 00:36

Yes... we do need the year of birth! That would help...



37 Sex M Occupation PEASANT

Literacy U

Place of last residence U

Destination NEW-YORK

Transit Emigrante

Travel compartment Ponte

Port of embarkment NAPLES

Name of the ship NEUSTRIA

Date of arrival 10/1/1889


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Re: Petrecca/Tamburri/Arcari Castelpetroso

Post by jasmi » 07 Jul 2014, 17:36

Hi, I've just received some info regarding my g-daughter's Italian family. This is my first foray into Italian records. We have a Rosa Arcaro(1919) and Giovanni Tamburri(1912) both from Castelpetroso.
Giovanni was from indiprete. I think his mother might have been Libera, but I m not sure. Do you recognise any names.



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