Looking for ideas for family history books

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Looking for ideas for family history books

Post by DP17 » 10 Jan 2014, 20:42

Hi everyone,

My goal for 2014 is to create a family history using the research I've done on my family tree and then give copies to relatives. Ideally, in addition to names, dates, and documents, I'd like to include maps, photos, and stories.

I'm curious about what others have used to create their own projects and if anyone is willing to share, I'd love to see some examples.

I'll most likely be making 2 separate books, one about my grandmother and her side of the family, and one about my grandfather and his. I expect them to be somewhat lengthy and I'm guessing I'll make at least 10 copies of each.

I have an Ancestry account and looked at My Canvas a little bit but publishing directly from them seems very expensive for what I have in mind. I'm open to any suggestions!


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