nameing children pattern

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nameing children pattern

Post by aviano8587 » 17 Mar 2014, 23:05


My ancestor Salvatore Milici who was born in 1853 in Novara di Sicilia, named his first child Lorenzo born in 1882 in Novara di Sicilia, he is named after his father, his wife Anna Puglisi dies in 1895 in Novara di Sicilia and Salvatore remarries and names a child Lorenzo, with his new wife born 1902. Would I be safe to assume that the first child, Lorenzo with Anna died at an early age, I have not been able to find a death record yet for Novara di Sicilia I assume his death would be prior to 1902 and it happened in another town/village. Lorenzo's birth record of 1882 has no notations of a marriage or death on family search. Lorenzo's birth record of 1902 has a notation of going to jail, for 30 yrs, any suggestions on how I can find out more information about why he went? would this be a newspaper? any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Family search records:
birth Lorenzo 16 June 1882 image# 359 number 160 Salvatore/Anna Novara di Sicilia
birth Lorenzo 09 March 1902 image# 2693 number 61 Salvatore/Concetta Novara di Sicilia
marriage of Salvatore & Anna 21 Aug 1881 Novara can't remember image & number Novara di Sicilia
Marriage of Salvatore & Concetta 06 Jul 1896 image # 39 number 37 Novara di Sicilia
Death of Anna Puglisi in Tripi 22 Oct.1895 image 703 number 78


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Re: nameing children pattern

Post by nuccia » 18 Mar 2014, 15:42

Sometimes you need to request the actual birth record from the Comune to see if any notations have been made. Many times it does not show on the microfilmed copies since they were filmed at the archives and those copies may have been sent prior to the notations being made. Then again I have heard of parents 'recycling' a name once many years passed regardless of whether or not the first child with that named died. In this case it looks like 20 years passed so it's possible Lorenzo moved on and so his father named his son with his second wife Lorenzo.

As for court records - yes, you can write to the Archives and request a copy of the trial. The archives DO charge and it's not cheap but they have the whole court proceedings on file including witness statements. I ordered them for a great uncle of mine.
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