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John C. Mitchell
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Re: Brichetto Genealogy

Post by John C. Mitchell » 07 Jul 2014, 01:34

Hi, Steve:

My name is John C. Mitchell and I am a great-grandson of Giovanni Brichetto and Maria Arata of Orero, Liguria, Italy. Giovanni emigrated to the U.S. in 1899 or so, and Maria and kids emigrated in 1912 to Portland, Oregon, where they remained the rest of their lives. Would love to compare notes. Let's connect.


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Re: Brichetto Genealogy

Post by stembri » 10 Jul 2014, 17:59

Hi John! Hope all is well with you and thanks for reaching out to me as I might be of assistance to you. All Brichetto's are related - it is just a matter of finding the common connection. After reading your brief intro I think we might be directly connected but, based upon info I have gathered from this site, am a little perplexed. One thing I am finding out is our ancestors named everyone either Paul (Paolo), Giovanni, Rose, Maria or Antonio so there are a lot of common names.

I will briefly tell you what I know. As I am at work I am doing this from memory as I do not have my research notes on me.

I am the son of Paul Brichetto, Jr. who was the son of my grandfather Paul Brichetto. He was the first of my ancerstors to be born in the United States.

My great grandfather was Giovanni Antonio Brichetto but he died shortly after coming to the States leaving my great grandmother Anna (Segale) to raise 5 children on her own.

Here is where we might have a connection but our stories do not coincide. Antonio's father was Paolo Brichetto and his mother was Margherita Casagrande. She died due to complications with a childbirth but he remarried a Maria Arata. Together they had one son (that I know of): Giovanni Bartolomeo Brichetto. Thus, my great grandfather had a step brother. But both Giovanni Bartolomeo Brichetto and his mother Maria Arata (Brichetto) immigrated to and both died in Chicago.

I find it very interesting that you too have a Giovanni Brichetto and Maria Arata in your family tree. What are the odds, but then again, back in those days, you named sons and daughters after aunts, uncles or grandparents but without the designations (like Senior, Junior, I, II, III's like we do are accustomed to doing).

I can provide you with my whole family tree and story as I know it if you provide me with your e-mail address. It would be interesting to hear further from you. We are definitely connected it is just a matter of finding the common thread but how interesting that we both have Giovanni's and a Maria Arata in our family trees. Only difference is my side of the family never went to Portland Oregon.

I hope to hear from you soon so we can communicate further....


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