Help with this Holy Card?

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Help with this Holy Card?

Post by jessicarucco » 23 Apr 2014, 20:32

My Great Grandparents were from San Tammaro (Caserta) and my Dad just found this card in a box of my Grandfather's things. I am assuming that it could have been from my Great Grandfather's Father's (I'm sure I could have said that better!) funeral? Anyone know anything about these cards as far as if they were only used at funerals? My GGGF Francesco Rucco was born in San Tammaro in 1847 and we are guessing he died somewhere in the mid-late 1880s or 1890s - would this card fit that time frame?

Thanks so much in advance!
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Re: Help with this Holy Card?

Post by AngelaGrace56 » 23 Apr 2014, 22:51

My mum use to have a lot of these types of prayer cards which she kept in her prayer book. She would use different cards in her daily prayer time. I have definitely seen this one before and I may even have it among some of mum's things. I'll have a look later to see if her cards are printed by the same people.

This one is basically a prayer of surrender to, and a promise to be faithful to Mary, the “mother of God” and gives reference and honour to her “immaculate conception”. It looks like you pray it for 100 days to receive a special blessing. I don't think it would be prayed specifically at funerals - it might be if the deceased had a particular "devotion" to Mary, maybe?

Often, following the death of a relative in Italy, we would receive a card like this which would include a little picture of the deceased person on the back with a prayer.


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