Seeking info on Loreta Militello

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Seeking info on Loreta Militello

Post by jennycrn » 02 May 2014, 18:51

Hi fellow Italians
I am a third generation American Sicilan born in Buffalo NY. I am a 20 year RN/beginning writer. I enjoy taking non credit writing classes for fun and someone gave me the idea to write a historical fiction loosely based on my family's immigration and experiences. I know I have much research to do but I want to do it. I'd like to begin by researching my great grandmother Loreta Militello Nasca.

born Loreta Militello in Aliminusa Sicily. Her birthday is definitely March 19, year around 1884.
She's listed on the Ellis Island website as Loreta "Militella" but surname is really Militello and my dad says that's her.
Port of Departure: Palermo
Arrival Date: May 6, 1902 in Ellis Island
Ship: The Washington
Destination in US: Buffalo NY.

She married Giacomo Nasca in Buffalo NY lived in ward 27 and had 7 children between 1908-1923.
According to a 1920 US Census Record, her naturalization was in 1904. Her death was definitely 1970, February or March.

Any info on her family in Aliminusa, naturalization or marriage would be helpful.

Thank you.

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