Tillona and Tidona families

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Tillona and Tidona families

Post by Trisha378 » 09 May 2014, 17:55


I'm looking for information on mostly the Tidonas. My 3rd great grandfather Gaetano and his brother Giorgio were born and raised in Ragusa Sicily. According my grandfather Gaetano was born in 1765. We believe Giorgio was a little older, but we lost track of that line, so there was no information provided. What I have is a family tree that my sister Francesca wrote down with my maternal grandfather's help. He was 93 at the time and the only one she could ask. He gave a lot of information. However, he gave some first and last names, first names with no last names and last names with no first names. Of course there were the stories handed down through time.

So getting back to the original brothers up top. In 1785 they traveled from Ragusa looking to settle somewhere else(why unknown), they came to Licodia, the Eubea was added years latter. When they decided they would like to settle there, they went to the town clerk to register. Dialects being what they were, no two towns spoke the same dialect. The clerk took the d sound and translated it to two L's. The name remained Tillona ever since. The two brothers had two occupations, one was sheep sheering, and the other was scribes. Sheep sheering was seasonal, which is why they had a second occupation. I have been to Licodia and met all the relatives alive in 1968, most of which are dead now. I also met relatives who came to this country in the 50's to 60's. I am now looking for any Tidonas from Ragusa who might provide information. I want to know who they left behind. Their parents,siblings, aunts and uncles, and why, if Ragusa is a larger town, they felt they to sette elsewhere. Of course those are stories that would have been handed down through time. Also, where to write to get birth records at least and information on family and relatives. I know this is tricky, not all Tidonas are related to each other as the Tillonas were and are.

Any information on the Tidonas would be helpful.
Thank you, Trisha378

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